Monday, 20 April 2015

April 19 2015 - Lilydale to Pancakes

Rain, hail, more rain... a bit of sunshine, more rain... and more rain... rain rain and some wind and rain. That pretty much sums up the April 19th run from a weather standpoint.

It takes more than some lousy weather to keep the clubMINI team down.  Sure we had to take things a bit slower (like under the speed limit slower in some spots) but the roads were still great, the company was great and our MINIs are great regardless of the weather!

It all started at Lilydale McDonalds. From there we drove around the back of Lilydale and onto Beaconsfield via some really lovely twisty roads.

At Beaconsfield Upper having a short break

From Beaconsfield Upper the troupe continued onto the Pancake Parlour at Doncaster for refreshments where the cruise finished.

Another fantastic run organised by Peter Williams.

Photos courtesy of Momoe Photography.

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  1. Apologies Peter, I realised that I mis-credited one of your photos. All updated now.