Thursday, 8 March 2012

The "GREAT" Ocean Rd

Travelling down the Highway
Well the weather forecast promised sunshine and showers....well it was more like showers and sunshine! A 6:30am start in a wet Point Cook, did not damped spirits for the annual GOR. Even if our fearless leader was a bit confused on the start time and even forgot his early morning coffee.....

After a quick trip round Geelong and a pick up at Warne Ponds, we headed on our way to the entry to the Great Ocean Rd.
A quick trip to Bunnings!

As the weather cleared we hit the GOR! 15 MINI's taking on Victoria's greatest driving road! Buzzing through towns and round corners, we made the most of a somewhat bumpy and potholey surface! 
Taking in the sights!
 After finally finding a venue for breakfast large enough for our group late on Friday, thanks Peter, we headed to Chris's at Skene's Creek, for a lovely breakfast and view. 

A slight miscommunication in directions meant a trip along the twisty and dirty Beech-Forrest Road. However much fun was had through the rainforest.
I wasn't late! You were early! :P

It was clean, honestly!
A bit of colour on a dark day!
 A great day was had by all with some going on to the 12 Apostles or staying in Apollo Bay! Till next year!

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