Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tasmania - ClubMINI in the Apple Isle - Day 1/2

So March saw clubMINI Vic take the derry accross the straight to Tasmania, a trip the club enjoyed so much 2 years ago, we decided to return as soon as we could. With 10 MINI's on the trip it was destined to be great!

A pre-departure dinner was had at The Local in port Melbourne, before heading to the ferry inspection area and the queue to board the boat!  

After a few precursory drinks, a sing song and a bit of football we finally made our way to our cabins to rest for the week ahead! Sunday morning bright and early we awoke to a beautiful sunny day! We made the most of the information sending us to the local hotel for breakfast before heading into the wild blue yonder!

Always time for a little dumpster investigation!

The rolling hills, the blue sky and the empty roads did the call of nature and that of the Melburnian Coffee bean.......

To answer the call.....well we found the first Coles shop in Australia......the Coffee, well....

Anyhow, onwards towards well, more glorious scenery, more rollings hills....more empty roads and fog! Beautiful misty fog!

After taking a detour to Launceston to collect the MacDonalds, and to visit the new home of the Herberts, we headed to the East and the coast! We stayed at the lovely Big4 Holiday Park St Helens.

Dinner consisted of everything we had the cars, which as usual on a clubMINI adventure....was a lot! 
Enjoying the Sunshine in Launceston!

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