Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tasmania Day 5

As day 4 was a rest day, our adventure continues on Day 5 - with a trip down the Peninsula south of Hobart, and a visit to the Tahune Airwalk (Facebook).

The view from Peppermint Bay
Wow what a beautiful part of the world, like all of Tasmania it is stunning, but with small bays, great roads and stunning vistas it is well worth a visit!

A quick Coffee at Peppermint Bay!
After criss-crossing the peninsula and enjoying some great roads we headed south again, down the Huon Highway to Tahune, Airwalk. An amazing tree level walk way, along the mighty Huon River. Well worth a visit if you are in the area!

Say Cheese on the Tahune Airwalk! The whole crew!
Our lovely guide let us park our MINI's on the Huon Bridge for a quick Photo shoot!
 We had a lovely guide, Tim, who showed us round and told us about the area. The Bridge above has barriers that can be removed quickly so when large volumes of water come down, the debris doesn't get caught in the bridge and damage it. You can see the level of the river in the bottom right hand corner and it gets well above the road level you can see here!


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