Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tasmania Day 3

Binalong Bay - Bay of Fires, East Coast Tas
So after staying the night in St Helens, some of us got up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise in the Bay of Fires. Well Andy & Ruth did....

After a hearty breakfast it was back on the road heading towards Hobart in traditional clubMINI Style. 

The day was stunning, with beautiful clear skies and empty roads to boot! 

Between St Helens & Elephant Pass
 On leaving St Helens the plan was to head down the coast and up the Elephant Pass, to the pancake house. Instead our leader of the day missed the turning and took us up St Mary's Pass, to St Marys, so instead of missing out, we went back down the most amazing stretch of tarmac and onto another! 
St Mary's Pass - TAS
After an amazing elevenses at the Elephant Pass Pancake house we headed West and to Rossarden and some more fantastic roads, sweeping bends, plenty of visability, no traffic and an amazing vista!

All was going great until the last few Km's of the road heading back to the Esk Highway when we hit..........gravel! OMG....who was our fearless leader for the day, the one that missed the turn earlier on and ensured our U-turn was one of the biggest ever???
Whats worse than gravel for CWORKS? Following a 4X4 on gravel!

After lunching in Campbell Town, we headed south for a bit before we came to another halt, Cracked Windscreen #1, repaired with a plaster and a bit of a prayer to the MINI gods!

With the help of the MINI in black and an Iphone, a windscreen was sourced for later in the week and onwards we went.

Heading out into the sticks, we aimed for Bothwell, when the call for a toilet stop and petrol went out............Bothwell...."you remember Bothwell, don't you??" So no toilet stop and no petrol there, we went on. 

Room with a view & a Queue
"So how far to Hobart"......"more than the petrol gauge says we have"...."Oh"....."what do we do?" "Keep going"....."Ok".

So onwards we went.....

"Should we take this back road into Hobart? Or stay on the main road where there might be a petrol station?"

"Where is the fun in that! Backroad!"

"What does the gauge say now?"

"Zero k's left"

"How much further?"


"I told you we should have stayed on the main road, we are going to get stuck on this little road now!"

"Oh, the car seems to have less power and is spluttering a little, this hill isn't helping!"

"now what you going to do, this is all your fault!"

"Wait, we are at the top now, we can cruise down! This road goes straight to the accommodation!"


"Told you we would make it!"

When all was good in the world at the Elephant Pass Pancake House! - The BMW is particularly appropriate!

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